Bringing easy access to smart identity.

We provide highly secure services to protect you and your identity.

Secured by blockchain.

  • Prevent your signature from being stolen.
  • Prove the authenticity of your documents, e-mails & postal mails.
  • Protect and justify your identity.

For entrepreneurs, for companies, for e-governments.

Your identity in our interconnected world is more and more inclined to be retrieved, copied and then used by criminals or any person wanting your harm.

AuthSign helps you in preventing your identity from being stolen and therefore, protect your reputation. Especially if you are a company, you will love the different features we offer.


QR Signature - Sign your contracts & documents online.

The verifiable signature by everyone, everywhere.

Declare unlimited number of procedures, invite people, and sign all your documents in the same place.

Once finalized, QR Codes appears and you can check them ! Check how does a QRS looks like.

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Programmable QR Signature.

A link between the virtual and physical world.

Provide the traceability of your product to your customers and protect your brand from conterfeit.

An infinite number of possibilities with traceability states and programmable information.

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AS Connect™

OAuth authentication via website, QR Code or NFC.

This feature allows your clients to connect via AuthSign to your platform.

Don't waste your time making sure someone is who they say they are. We are taking care of it.

  • Be sure your client is authentic.
  • Instantly identify your co-workers.
  • Provide your associates a secure access to your network(s).

Entirely with our API and application or integrated with your services.


  • Prevent people from stealing your identity.
  • Get a highly secured and recognized signature.
  • Trace and authentify your documents.


  • Send contracts 100% online to multiple people.
  • Protect you and your clients from fishing.
  • Provide traceability and anti-counterfeiting information.


  • Save time checking the identity of someone.
  • Automate and authenticate any signature on any of your documents.
  • Establish traceability and protect your documents of any kind.

Priority to your security.

All your data and files are encrypted in our servers in France with custom and strong dynamic algorithms, inside the giant and highly secure Iliad datacenter near Paris, certified "Tier 3+".

On blockchain.

We bring the signatures on a blockchain, so there is no rollback possible after someone signed, and nobody will be able to harm the intregrity of your data, even with database access.

Incredible support.

Always present support to advise and help you in case of problems. Both for you and your recipients / customers.
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PSL - PSL Pépite
ETNA, école d'alternance informatique
IONIS361, incubateur d'entreprises

It's about time.

You will soon have access to the most innovative signing technology.

AuthSign is actually raising funds.

It is currently only available as a demo for investors.

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