QRS Informations

AuthSign phone confirmation
Validation by AuthSign that the owner of the QRS has a working phone number in its possession.
AuthSign identity confirmation
User last identity confirmation by AuthSign : 10/2018.
QRS validation by user
In case of any modification to the QRS, we request a validation by the user.
Last modification : 22/08/2017 01:52:50.
QRS Owner Flavien Berwick
Company AuthSign CEO
Document title QRS of demonstration
Document consignee Anyone
Document description As you can see : is specified a title of the document on which is put the signature, the nature of the document (here, it is a pure virtual document as the QR signature appears only on the home page of the AuthSign website), the complementary name of the signatory (optional), the name of the consignee, and the present complementary information. The date of creation is as well very important. The person who wants to authenticate the signature will scan the QRS and access to these informations. The support is available 24h/7d.
Virtual version of the document.
Adds a great level of trust.
Not provided.


An AuthSign smart contract is under construction.

Fingerprint data :

Theses fingerprints are available so you can check if the signature you see in the blockchain corresponds with the signature you see in the AuthSign database.

The "Signature fingerprint" is the sha512 of the following listed "Value(s)", concatenated.

Object Value
Signature fingerprint (SHA512)
Signature ID
Document title (SHA512)
Document description (SHA512)
Uploaded document fingerprint (SHA512)


The AuthSign blockchain is under construction.


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Trust index :
Correct trust

Generation date :
20/08/2017 01:41

Virtual document