Programmable QR Signature.

Configure custom access to your platform with an individual QR code. *

  • Provide a trust tool to your customers.
  • Create the "identity card" of your entity.
  • Set up traceability states : date, photo, place and description.
  • Add information about what you want to trace with title/description rows.
  • Add settlements, technical details, plans and schemas to download.

Get statistics on the QR code accessed.

* theses methods are deposited.

Traceability, anti-counterfeiting.

Simple QR code scan for infinite details.

Your products are uniq, your customers need to know it.

  • For any use : art, food, fashion...
  • Create the "identity card" of your entity.
  • Inform your clients about how to recognize the entity they hold is authentic.
  • Our AI algorithm can recognize your product on a video.
  • Add states of production and any information you want to provide